Carlo Dorofatti


Carlo Dorofatti (also known with the pen name of "Gattopardo" and "OMM") is a researcher and writer dedicated to studying and divulging ancient and modern esoteric knowledge as well as researching the key components of inner spiritual awareness related to this New Era.

With this in mind he founded the cultural organisation called "Ascensione 93", based in Italy, which is supported by a wide network of international groups of researchers and focuses on the following main areas of study: Western Esoteric Traditions, traditional and modern spiritual paths, ancient myths, The Current 93, spiritual healing traditions, Esoteric Physics, Ufology and related phenomena, meditation and personal growth techniques.

With over 200 articles and 9 e-books published since 1994 and a new master work planned for 2009, Carlo has also spoken in conferences and lectures in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. His studies on certain areas of Western Esoteric Traditions are well known to the academic world on this topic.  

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